Certified since 2017 the quality management system with ISO 9001:2015 and always careful about sustainability and circular economy, Olians Plast s.r.l. has become the first Italian company in the field of recycled TPU production to have obtained the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification, the most widespread in the fashion world, certifying the use of recycled raw materials in a production process and/or product.
The company, moreover, has obtained both the recognition to operate according to the UNI 10667-1:2017 from' I.I.P (Italian Institute of Plastics) for the management of by-products, as well as the certification ISO UNI 14021:2016 for its Self certified declaration on OLIFOUR products.
All the certifications listed and those that the company has in the pipeline are the best possible way for Olians Plast s.r.l. to operate with attention to its environmental impact, ensuring quality and transparency in its work.

Olians Plast S.r.l.
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