“Plastics is something smart, even though today it is considered only as a pollutant material. But plastics doesn’t end up in the seas and in the forests itself: this is something we must consider, if we want to be responsible. Plastics is a product that if recycled is renewable every time.”

say Mr Olivieri,
Olians Plast’s CEO & Founder,
in an interview for “Istituto Marangoni” in Florence

Sustainability is not a trend anymore, is the cardinal point of Fashion World’s business philosophies of our new millennium.

Thanks to his young and sensitive team, The company is able to offer products and services with lowered environmental impact that help today many brands and collaborators in their ecological transition also promoting green initiatives that go far beyond its business and its sector. In so doing, Olians embraces several of the sustainability requirements set out in the UN 2030 agenda, which are now fundamental.

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