A partnership between these two organization, as different as similar, between the theoretical world and the universe of practice, which will give life, as well as the development of greater awareness on the issues of Sustainability through activities and initiatives, concrete realitazions, real, to new innovative occupations and a Green Area: a Green Area that, built in our production plant, will be able to compensate for the CO2 emitted by the production of our company, which has always evolved itself as the necessary environmental protection progress.
"Biloba Project", a name chosen with method, a name chosen with discernment, a name chosen because it contains, in a few syllables, the soul of this great project that makes us immensely proud:

"Ginkgo Biloba, or better known as "living fossil", one of the oldest trees on Earth, dating back more than 250 million years.
The Quaternary Ice Age, a million years ago, a succession of at least 17 glacial periods, separated by shorter interglacial periods, which made the entire World, a sculptural icy ice sheet and to which nothing survived, if not one thing: some specimens of Ginkgo Biloba, they were the only survivors of these latter Era.
August 6, 1945, history remembers with this date the tragic explosion of the nuclear bomb in the city of Hiroshima, in Japan, after which everything became razed to the ground, everything was killed, everything was contaminated, and only one thing survived: 6 specimens of Ginkgo Biloba, They were the only survivors of this last big explosion.
Resilience, Resistance, Robustness and Radicality: the 4 R with which today the Ginkgo Biloba is considered "Monument to Life".
Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Renew: the 4 R with which today Olians Plast is helping to make the Life of the Planet a long-lived Monument, intact and safeguarded.
Unicam: the chest of knowledge that, since months now, are deed to make all this possible."

A specimen of Ginkgo Biloba was settled, first, as a real start, in the grounds of our company.

Below is the report aired on "èTv Marche", which has honored us with its presence at the event, which once again makes us, as well as extremely proud to discover how all our commitment over ten years, constant and concrete, can go to sensitize the next "to do more and better with less".



Special thanks also to all the newspapers present at the event that decided to talk about Us.

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